Wednesday, 21 February 2018

1,507 days

1, 507 days.  That's how long it's been since I last updated my blog!  😲  And in those 1,507 days so much has happened!! 

So in that time I have  :

Learnt to knit socks - something I always said I'd never do.  I always said 'why would I make socks when I can buy them from a shop?'  Boy, I didn't know what I was missing out on!! 

Each year I like to set myself a challenge and in 2015 my challenge was to learn to knit socks.   Almost 70 pairs of socks later - not all of them for me mind you - I LOVE  knitting socks 💜💜💜 

It's so nice to have something on your feet that you know you made!  And, because I usually only buy 1 skein of sock yarn in the same colourway, each pair is a one of a kind!!  If you'd like your very own pair of one of a kind handknit socks, I'm always open for custom orders.

I've been to several knitting retreats and yarnie related events in that time,  including 
  •  Sheep & Woolcraft Field Day in Packenham, Victoria, which I also combined with trip to the Dior Exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria and to watch the Broncos and Melbourne Storm semi-final.
Even though, going into all these yarnie events I didn't know anyone in real life,  I always felt welcomed by everyone.  The yarnie community is certainly a very warm and welcoming one 💏

Upcoming yarnie related trips this year include WoolGathering in May - I'm so excited for this one.  I've heard and seen so many wonderful pics of Tarndie that I can't wait to check it out!!  

And as I mentioned earlier, I'm also planning on attenting Knit August Nights - or KAN as it's affectionately know - in Napier, New Zealand on the last weekend of August.  I missed going last year so it will be good to catch up with friends again then.

I've also managed to knit myself,  not 1, but 2!! actual cardigans for myself!  OK, one was a short sleeved one that one had been sitting, languishing for a couple of years (for whatever reason 😉) that I pulled out and finished after working on a similar cardigan for a custom knit - but in a childs size.

The other was my Timely cardigan by Libby Johnson of Truly Myrtle  that I just LOVE   and can't wait for this winter to be able to wear it.💜  I'm quite proud of myself for actually finishing a full sized adult garment - so much so that I have another cardigan for myself on the needles - a Lizzie by Tikki that I'm hoping to have finished in time to take to WoolGathering, and another Timely planned.

Well, that's about it for now. If you've made it this far, thanks for reading!   I won't make any promises as to when I'll post again but I will try to do it more regularly.

Monday, 6 January 2014


My Poor Neglected Blog.

Just looking at previous posts, it's been just over 12 months since my last blog post.  I guess that means I've either been really, really busy of just too slack to write anything - let's go with busy!

So, what does 2014 have in store for Aunty Nat's Knits??

So far this year I have already knit 3 new patterns, looking at adding them to my list of knits I am licensed to knit and sell from.

All three patterns are by Rachel Evans and include 2 dresses and a skirt - 'Nina', 'Little Miss Jorja' and 'Pippa' - which I'm still working on so a pic will follow soon.   I'm also looking at adding a vest from Rachel's patterns so would love to know what you think. 

I am also now licensed to knit and sell ALL of the patterns from Tikki - the designer of the ever popular Rainbow dress - all patterns from Kelly Brooker, which includes the very versatile Tama, all patterns from Julia Stanfield, which includes the stylishly simple Primrose
I've included links to the specific patterns mentioned above but here is a link to my 'Licensed to Knit' album on my Facebook page 

The start of 2014 also sees the return of markets, including the Little Acorns Market; WAHM Delights; the first Yarnification showcase for the year - which has a theme of 'The 80's'; and a 1st birthday showcase for a page that is right up my alley - details haven't been released for this one yet so it's still a secret; and the Bluebirds Boutique 1st birthday celebraton.
Pheww - looks like I'm going to be busy already.

It's lucky then that I got a chance to do some knitting over the Christmas break so am a bit prepared for all of these events.

Just to let you know also that, even though here in Brisbane and other parts of the country, we are in the grips of a 'heatwave'  my custom list is open.  And at the moment I only have a couple of custom orders.

So, if you were wanting to get in early for a winter knit, now is the time to get in contact so we can get your winter woollie needs sorted.

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Busy, Busy, Busy 2013

Already 6 weeks of the new year gone - where does the time go?   Looking at my calendar, the first 6 months are going to be a busy time here at Aunty Nat's Knits with markets and showcases that I am taking part in .

So, where can you find Aunty Nat's Knits in 2013 - here's a list :

  • 15th - 17th March in the "all about bub" Collaboration Market
  • 22nd - 25th March in the Yarnification 'Flowers' showcase
  • 27th April in Jodulbug Creations 1st Birthday showcase
  • May - if you are a fan of Tikki's Milo vest, be sure to keep an eye on my page for a special event that I am taking part in during May.
All of these showcases as well as taking part in the regular WAHM Delights market and Little Acorns Market  -  PLUS  my custom knits as well.

I'm also hoping to take part in my first 'real life market' in April this year at the Handmade Expo in Morayfield.

I also decided at the beginning of the year that I was going to try and take some time for some 'Me knits' - knitting things for me, which I don't usually do.

So, as you can see, the first 6 months are going to be a busy time for Aunty Nat.

AND, I'm also planning something special for my 2nd birthday in August - more details about that later.

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Winner of the Christmas 'Mahunga' giveaway is ....

Congratulations to the 6th person to comment on the giveaway.  I have emailed the winner.

Thank you once again to everyone for your comments and for your continued support of my page.

I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy and safe New Year.

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Christmas 'Mahunga' giveaway

In the spirit of Christmas giving, I would like to giveaway another 'Mahunga' beanie in the winner's choice of wool and size.  This beanie can be knit in any size from premmie all the way up to adult.  The winner will just need to pay postage.

All you need to do is leave your comment, your email address - so I can contact you if you are the lucky winner - and your first name, below.  

While it's not essential, it would also be nice if you were a liker of the Aunty Nat's Knits page. 

The winner will be drawn at 7.30 Qld time on Sunday 16th December.

Here are some examples of the ones I have made so far.

Friday, 30 November 2012

Mahunga giveaway winner

Congratulations to entry number 4 - who is the winner of the Mahunga beanie giveaway.    I have been in contact with the winner via email.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to enter - your support means a lot to me.


Friday, 23 November 2012

And the winner is .......

Congratulations to melstar2585 who was the 4th person to comment on the giveaway.  I have emailed you with postage details.

Once again, thank you to everyone for entering.  Why not enter my next giveaway??  I know that now is not the time to be thinking about beanies, but winter will be here before you know it !